There are all sizes of infinities – something I was surprised to know when I stumbled upon the idea in high school. The kind of infinity I explore here is the one found within, well within me to be precise.

I came upon the idea of an inner infinity as part of my seemingly endless journey of recovery from childhood trauma. I’ve discovered memories I didn’t want to know, resilience I never knew I had, and interests I had long ignored. A good portion of my writing is inspired by things from my recovery process – from the infinite capacity I’ve discovered within myself to heal. You will find the after effects of trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) come up directly or indirectly in much of my work. Even if it is not apparent at first glance of say, a photograph, there is often an experience behind which is tinged, or perhaps even steeped in a traumatic past which I am trying to explore.

My thoughts and writing often follow my life experience starting with something in the present and connecting to the past, so who knows what you will find here at any given time – short memoir, poetry, photographs, drawings, personal essays filled with my musings on music or the nature of the universe. Perhaps there will even be a good cookie recipe. I simply go where the path happens to take me. Sometimes the path is happy, occasionally poignant, often sad, this is my journey.

About Me – Marissa Jules, Writer

I became a writer as part of my recovery, using writing as a tool to process experiences to overwhelming to talk about. Over time, I’ve come to love both the act of writing and the joy of telling a story no matter what the form. So I write. A lot. My daily journaling practice produces fodder for this blog and other pieces. I’ve taken a few graduate classes in writing and digital communications, but decided to spend my time focusing on writing and photography instead of in class. By day I work an IT job to pay the bills, and occasionally I get to write for that day job too (yay!)

I have a wife who is also a writer, and we have a dog – Thurman the Maltese – who is my site mascot. He is a rescue from a puppy mill where he spent the first 6 years of his life. It makes me sad to see his PTSD symptoms sometimes mirroring my own. We live in a small progressive, book-loving southern town where we dread the summers and relish the fall.

Thurman enjoying the comforts of life.

When I’m not working, you’ll often find me writing on my patio, the couch, or if I’m being really productive, in a coffee shop! If I’m not writing, I’m walking the dog, reading, practicing yoga, cycling, drawing, taking pictures, or cooking with my wife.

About Other Stuff

Note – This site and everything posted here is my work. The writing, the photos, and the drawings are all my original work unless otherwise noted.

Oh, and *never* underestimate the power of a good cry… or a cookie.