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Blackness, reflexively.

Charcoal ink covers all.

landscapes, bedrooms, and barns


All enveloping

Magnificent mountains, glorious diamonds, shining faces


And yet…

Dark is not enough to hide some things

For they are even darker than the night.

Inner Infinity

I am a Unicorn.

A creature who doesn’t exist,

so rare nobody has ever seen one.

That makes me invisible and unavoidable.

Probability says each part of me is improbable on its own,

adding them all together makes for impossibility beyond measure.

A million, billion impossibilities rolled into one.

I shouldn’t exist.

Therefore I don’t exist.

Yet here I am.

People see me,

though I don’t feel real,

I am not real.

I am someone else.

Hiding in plain sight.

A shell for others to see,

they look through me hidden inside as if I’m not there,

because I’m not.