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While I am on social media, it’s more for photography, writing, and fandom purposes than live-blogging my life. My posts are occasional, but please do follow me if you are interested. You can find me on Instagram @a_BrokenWing where I post some of my photos (cute warning – more than a few Thurman pics.)

I’m also on Threads @a_BrokenWing. So far Threads seems to have far less yelling than Twitter. So I’ll try it for a while. I will be curious to see if it can avoid the enshittification of other social media platforms.

I have always considered Twitter akin to living permanently in middle school on a worldwide social media stage. But now I’ve finally left it completely behind given the recent descent into further madness.

Or email me if you prefer old school: “an inner infinity @ gmail . com” just remove the spaces 🙂